About Us


Our Approach

Providing the best service to our clients.  Most friendly during shoots, collaboration between client and photographer to accomplish the visioned shots and final deliverable.  

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is ours.  Patty started Patty Studio in 2008, catering to Architectural products.  But soon after getting marry and having baby, Patty Studio fell off.  But in 2018, Patty Studio was re-branded and focused on Photography.  We are now experienced in Architecture, Family portraits, Baby portraits, Events, Engagements, Weddings and Graphics.  

Meet the Team

Patty Wong

Patty Wong is the Founder and Photographer at PattyStudio Photography.  Patty graduated with an Architectural Degree and have always been into Photography since she was in high school.  The creative side started as a young child with hand drawings of animation, then paintings in high school and  architectural designs in college.  She is an entrepreneur that has successfully started and sold previous business ventures.  She now runs the business and uses her creativity to work with clients and social skills at events.  

Czarina Lao

Czarina Lao is a great artist that graduated with her Architectural Degree and  currently does fine arts and photography.  She uses her creativity and her “eye” to compose the best shots for clients.  She is also a graphic artist that can change the mood and put together special pieces for our clients.


We are always looking to grow out team.  Please reach out if you’re creative and love to work with people.